Who organizes the Orangeville Fair?

The Orangeville Fair is run by the Orangeville Agricultural Society members and a dedicated group of volunteers. The Orangeville Agricultural Society is a not for profit organization.

Is the Orangeville Fair wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchair parking is available from the exhibitor entrance. All portions of the Orangeville Fairgrounds are wheelchair accessible including the washrooms.

Can I bring my dog?

We strongly urge you to leave your four-legged friends at home. Your dog does not want to come to the Fair. Crowds and livestock can be very frightening to dogs and dogs can be extremely disruptive to livestock. Dog are not allowed in any of the buildings, including the livestock barns. If you decide to bring your dog, please make sure it is on a leash, under control at all times, and, as always, you clean up after it. You will be subject to a $100 fine if your dog is not under your control at any time.

How do I enter my pet, calf, needlework, zucchini etc in the Fair?

Some shows are run by a separate organization during the Fair. Their information will be listed in the Prize Book for those sections. Explore our prize books to decide which items you would like to enter. Entries are to be the work of an amateur and you may only enter one item per section. Every item (animal, article or product) must be the bonafide property of the person or persons entering them. Be sure to read the fine print in the rules. Each exhibitor must pay the $8 registration fee and this will entitle an exhibitor to make as many entries into each class as stipulated in the rules specific to those classes. Homecraft registration is available by clicking here for assistance contact admin@oaseventcentre.ca. Please visit the Prize Book for either Livestock or Home Craft for full details or feel free to call us at the office (519) 942-9597. Complete your entry tags and attach them to your exhibits. Drop off your exhibits on the day they are due at the time they are due. Once the Fair begins, stroll through the exhibit hall to see if you are a winner!

Some Animal Safety Tips:

Be careful when walking through the barns and stall areas to view the livestock and horses. Do not get too close when walking behind them as they may be startled and kick.

Always ask the person handling the competition animal if you may touch it.

Please do not feed the competition animals.

Please do not put fingers or faces into or close to animals in their pens, cages or stalls – the “peck on the cheek” you get might not be the welcome kind.

Be aware that loud noises may startle the animals.

Horses and livestock have the right of way.